This is my Web Site. Please have a look around. The main purpose is to share information and pictures with my family. If you have any problems using the site, please let my father know. Thanks.

What's New
6/18/2009 Wow, Daddy finally put more pictures on my website. It's been very busy around the house with Baby Brother, traveling to Lousiana, Trips to the Zoo, getting a new Puppy, and well, just being a 2 year old. Look around at the photos of me here, but I'm also featured in several photos on my Brother's website.
12/05/2008 My Mommy got me a Baby Brother. You can see our pictures on my Baby Brother's website at
11/23/2008 It's been a busy few month's. We visted Louisiana (Pictures Here and Here), Did Arts and Crafts, Gamma stayed a Month for my Birthday, and I went to Halloween Parties. Now we're waiting for my Little Brother to Arrive.
07/13/2008 I helped Daddy paint Grandma's Fences this weekend.. I got covered in White Paint, it was fun. Daddy added a video of me playing in the hot tub with Mommy to the website.
07/06/2008 Well, Daddy had me using the Potty 3 days in a row, but I'm not ready yet. I got to see a few Fireworks for 4th of July this year, but it started raining and lightening, so we had to go inside. I enjoyed the fireworks I saw. Daddy added new Photos on the website: Water Play, Breakfast, Playground, and Playground Page 2.
05/23/2008 I had my first haircut today. I was a good girl.

I started using the potty today.

Daddy redesigned the website for Mommy and Me.

5/11/2008 Mommy and Daddy tell me I'm going to be a Big Sister in December. I'm not quite sure what this means yet. They tell Gamma and Grandma too - they all seem happy about it.
05/10/2008 Mommy and Daddy took me to see the Ocean at Kill Devil Hills for the first time. Check out photos of my first vacation here, here, and here.
03/15/2008 I had some friends over for my first Easter Egg Hunt.
02/08/2008 Mommy took me to vist James and Grace.
01/19/2008 I got to play in my First Snow fall.
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My Growth Chart
2 Years 26.6 lbs, and 33 3/4" tall
20 Months 26 lbs, and 32 " Tall
18 Months 21 lbs, and 31" Tall
12 Months 20 lbs 4 oz, and 28.9" tall
9 Months 17 lbs 13 oz, and 26 1/2" tall
4 Months 14 lbs 13 oz, and 24 3/4" tall
2 Months 12 lbs, and 22 1/4" long
Birth 9 lbs, and 21" long