This is my Web Site. Please have a look around. The main purpose is to share information and pictures with my family. If you have any problems using the site, please let my father know. Thanks.

What's New
10/29/2007 I started walking this week, 3 more teeth are about to show up, and I took my first airplane ride to go see Gamma. It's been a busy month with Birthday Parties, play dates, and going to the New Orleans zoo. There are some photos that Mom put on the web for me 10/16 here, and 10/30 here.
09/28/2007 I got Mommy & Daddy sick this week. Not bad being over 1 year old, and getting sick for the first time. I went for my 1 year checkup on 9/14 and I was 20 lbs 4 oz, and 28.9" tall. I had my first birthday party on 9/8, there are photos here. Daddy also updated some pictures from 09/03 and 08/12.
07/22/2007 Oh, I'm growing up quickly now. I've started pulling myself up to a standing position on anything I can grab. Mommy & Daddy took me to Race for the cure, boy that was a hot day. Mommy also started play dates with a boy named Sean. Daddy added 4 Batches of Pictures - 06/02 - 06/29 - 07/10 - 07/20
06/03/2007 Lots has happened over the last couple weeks. I started Crawling this week. I got to go play at the lake for the first time, and I went for my 9 Month checkup to the doctor, and was 17 lbs 13 oz and 26 1/2" tall. Daddy added some new videos to the website from the last month or so. Check them out here.
05/20/2007 Gamma & Paw Paw came to visit me this past week. Daddy updated some photos of me to the web site. You can see some here or here.
04/21/2007 Well I'm rolling all over the place now. Mommy and Daddy are trying to make the front room baby proof, but I still find things to get into. Daddy added some new videos to the website if your interested.
04/08/2007 Daddy updated pictures on the website. There are some Photos from Home & Easter Photos.
03/19/2007 Mommy took me to my 6th Month Doctor's visit, I was 16lbs 11oz, and 25" tall. I'm staying on the 75 percentile curve.
03/04/2007 Mommy and Daddy took me on a loooooong car ride to Louisiana to meet Daddy's side the family. Many pictures where taken of me getting passed around, take a look.
02/25/2007 Last couple of weeks have been fun. Mom's starting to feed me more. I've gotten to try Bananna & Sweet Potatos so far. Here are some Videos of me trying these new foods, along with some new photos.
02/14/2007 I'm starting to roll over on a regular basis now to get my toys. So Daddy says I have graduated from "Blanket Bump" to "Doodle Bug" now.
02/11/2007 I went to my first Birthday Party yesterday. Here are some photos of the people I met.
02/10/2007 It's been a Busy Month, I've started eating Cereal, and that gave me the strength to roll over. You can see some of the Pictures here or here, and some new Videos out here.
01/21/2007 Daddy added a video of me talking to my Video page.
01/17/2007 I had my 4 month checkup today. I am now 14lbs 13oz and 24 3/4" tall. The doctor says I'm in the 75 percentile across the board, and doing good. Then she gave me shots again. Mean doctor.
01/13/2007 Daddy added a few more photos from the last couple weeks.
01/04/2007 Christmas Photos added to the website.
01/02/2007 Daddy rebuilt the whole website to remove something he called FrontPage. Now the whole website can be saved to a CD, and viewed off line. Daddy also included the original pictures from the cameras on the website, if you wanted to have pictures printed of me.
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My Growth Chart
12 Months
20 lbs 4 oz, and 28.9" tall
9 Months
17 lbs 13 oz, and 26 1/2" tall
4 Months
14 lbs 13 oz, and 24 3/4" tall
2 Months
12 lbs, and 22 1/4" long
9 lbs, and 21" long